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Wellness of Chatham Presents:

Valerie Broadway of Canine Coaching Services LLC

Nov. 5, 2013 from 10:00 – 11:30 AM 
at the Pittsboro Roadhouse and General Store
(39 West Street, Pittsboro, NC)

Creating a Healthy, Balanced Relationship with Your Dog

Join us at this free event and....
Learn what dogs need to keep them from developing behavior issues.

Hear about how to change, or stop, a negative behavior in your dog.

See specific techniques you can use to reset the balance with your dog.


Great people attended the
Recipe for a Great Dog seminar!

Saturday, October 13th at 11AM to Noon
 Recipe for a Great Dog
"Recipe for a Great Dog" covers things that every dog owner can do to help their dog be more calm, secure and responsive.
Canine Coaching Services LLC works with dogs who have a variety of behavioral issues. In some cases, these issues are a result of trauma or lack of socialization from before the owner acquired the dog. Many times issues are a result of simple (but important) things the owner has inadvertently done, or not done. 98% of the dogs CCS works with have some sort of anxiety as the root of their problem behavior. Whether your dog is nervous, hyperactive, or vicious, the basic steps are the same in helping them.
Come to this free seminar to learn about the ingredients every dog owner should use to improve their dog's behavior (or keep your dog on the right track). Whether you have a brand new puppy or an older dog, the information provided in this seminar will benefit dogs in every stage of life.
Seminar location: The Natural Pet Health Store
10536 Hwy 902, Bear Creek, NC 27207
(10 miles SW of Pittsboro; next to Meroney United Methodist Church)
Come and learn what most people don’t know about how to ensure the happiness and wellbeing
of your adult dog, senior or puppy!

Canine Coaching Services LLC Gives Demo
at Chatham Animal Rescue and Education's 
2011 Woof-A-Palooza

Valerie instructing "Woof" participants on how to make proper dog-to-dog introductions.
Canine Coaching Services LLC also had a table where people got answers to their 
dog training and behavior questions.
"Woof"  is one of CARE's biggest fundraising events. 
This year's "Woof" raised over $12,000! 
The donations are used for medical and daily expenses for foster dogs and cats.
To learn more about Chatham Animal Rescue & Education go to:

2010 Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference

In October 2010 Valerie attended the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference and Trade Show.  Over 1200 dog trainers from all over the world met in Atlanta, Georgia.  Each day was filled with workshops, seminars and all kinds of events that were both eductional and entertaining. 

Canine Coaching Services Helps Reunite 20 Year Old Dog with Owners!!!
In July 2010, Canine Coaching Services was involved in the reunion of a 20 year old missing dog with her worried owners.  We were contacted when the Ard family thought they recognized a picture or their missing dog, Katie, on a local animal rescue website.  CCS Owner, Valerie Broadway, often volunteers for CARE and was able to determine who was fostering the dog on the website.  A meeting was arranged for the next morning at the Canine Coaching Services facility.  Valerie took pictures of the reunion and submitted an article (see below), which was published in several local newspapers.  An area tv news station also picked up the story and ran a segment on the evening news.
Katie’s Miracle Journey
Pittsboro, NC:  Chatham Animal Rescue and Education (CARE) in Chatham County recently experienced something that has never happened in its over 20 year history, and many feel is a miracle. 
Katie, a Chihuahua/Feist mix, was reunited with her family after disappearing almost seven months ago.  The fiancé of the family's son was looking to adopt a dog and was conducting a search when she ran across a picture of
         Foster mom, Melissa, Katie, and her relieved owner,
              Pam Ard.  A joyous and tearful reunion for all.
Katie posted by CARE under the name of Sasha.  She had her fiancé take a look at the picture and called his mom to share his suspicions that this could be long lost Katie.  Mom, Pam Ard, immediately contacted CARE. 
Katie disappeared from the Ard family home on Christmas night 2009.  The family searched for Katie around the many acres of farm and forest around their home to no avail.  Due to Katie’s age they thought maybe she has wondered off to die.  But the family was haunted by thoughts of what could have happened to Katie.
In early January, volunteer CARE foster caregiver, Melissa Taylor, was called by Chatham County Animal Shelter’s personnel.  It was the last day the Shelter could hold an older Chihuahua mix that had been turned into them as a stray.  They knew Melissa had a soft spot for fostering older dogs.  Melissa picked up Katie from the shelter and has fostered her in her home ever since.  Katie was examined by a vet and estimated to be about 9 years old.  Additionally, she had an irregular heartbeat.  Potential adopters were interested in Katie, but ultimately the people didn’t want to take on the commitment of adopting a dog with heath issues.  Melissa and her family were prepared to keep Katie in the event she was never adopted.
After getting home from work and receiving Pam’s message, Melissa arranged to meet with the Ard family first thing the next morning.  It was the moment of truth.  Was Sasha indeed Katie?  Katie didn’t offer a lot of emotion at the reunion, so there were a few minutes of comparing pictures the Ard’s brought, and scars and bumps on Katie.  The family also had their Katie’s littermate, Missy, with them.  It didn’t take long to determine that Sasha was indeed Katie.  And the biggest shocker, Katie is 20 years old!  The reunion was emotional to say the least - everyone was in tears.  Pam called her son to let him know Katie was found. The family is thrilled to have Katie back and is extremely appreciative for all CARE and especially Melissa did for her.  Pam says, “Melissa was truly Katie's Guardian Angel! I have no doubt that Divine Intervention brought Katie back home to us.  Katie isn't our pet; she and Missy are our family. A lot of love and joy has been received from those two little four-legged blessings during their twenty years!”

Once they were back home, Katie immediately visited each of her favorite places to lay and then she and Missy snuggled up in the dog bed together and sniffed and licked each other.  They were a little slow to recognize each other when first reunited, but it was all coming back now. 
CARE had Katie micro chipped, as is routine with fosters.  The Ard family plans to have all of their pets micro chipped and will no longer allow the dogs to go outside unattended. 
                                    Happy Reunion!  Melissa holding Katie (left) and the some of the
                                            thrilled Ard family (Terran, Pam and Andrew), and Katie's sister, Missy.
The mission of CARE is to promote the health and safety of all cats and dogs in Chatham County. CARE strives to teach by example, to be a resource to the community and local government, and to provide foster care for animals until they can be adopted into permanent homes. Chatham Animal Rescue and Education was originally incorporated as Chatham Humane Society (CHS), in 1975. CARE is a 501(c)(3) organization, and thus qualified for deductible donations.  Help us continue our mission by mailing your donation to CARE, PO Box 610, Pittsboro, NC 27312. 
We were First Citizens Bank's 
Business of the Month
February 2010!!
First Citizens Bank in Pittsboro, NC
features a local custumer small business
each week.  An area of the lobby is
used to provide information about the business.
Canine Coaching Services is
delighted to participate and share information with those who come inside to do their banking.
"I've been banking with First Citizens for many years and find the service at the Pittsboro branch is the best I've experienced from any bank, anywhere.  I believe its because the employees
are the most friendly, helpful and professional."
- Valerie
Valerie Broadway, CCS owner, pictured next to the business display.  
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