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Recommended Sites - Great for comparing the nutrition information of different dog foods. You might be in for a surprise! - Chatham Animal Rescue and Education was founded by Valerie in the 1980's. You can find lots                            of useful information as well as an array or wonderful adoptable dogs and cats!


www.petfinder.comThis is a great website to use if you are looking for a furry addition to your family! Thousands of rescue groups and shelters from all over the United States post their adoptable animals on Petfinder.


www.bringfido.comThis is a great site to help you find dog friendly hotels, reataurants, parks, and other things that you might be interested in all across the United States and some other countries, too! - Lots of other dog owners are on this site. It is great to use to find new people to meet

with for walks, obedience training, and other dog related activites. Could be great to practice socialization or just

do some fun things with your dog and meet new people! Just search for dog related groups.

Here, you will find testimonials from past Canine Coaching Services clients. If you have a comment or testimonial to share with us, please contact us via email or Facebook to let us know. We love hearing how our clients are doing!




"All in all, Sadie has been great.  I think the greatest improvement has been that she now plays amazingly at the dog park, which allows her to get her energy out and behave well at home.  She is responding much better … and I think we're communicating with her much more effectively. Thanks for all you have done for us and Sadie!"

-Sarah, owner of Sadie - Carrboro, NC.


"Canine Coaching Services is the best dog training and dog behavior specialist around. Valerie Broadway is completely competent and knowledgeable about dog behavior/training as well as being compassionate with dogs. She understands dogs and how to best work with individual dogs. She understands the owner-dog relationship as well and her work makes that relationship stronger and better. Her style is positive, calm, and confident. My dogs are definitely family members and I certainly trust Canine Coaching Services to do what is best for my dogs. We are lucky to have this resource in our area."
-Donna, owner of 3 Border Collies - Pittsboro, NC


"Valerie takes as much time that is needed to get your dog on the right path to becoming a more happy, balanced dog. She always makes sure you understand the rules of continuing your pets training once she is gone and is great in contacting you to check on your pets progress. I can't say enough about Valerie and Canine Coaching Services. I HIGHLY recommend her to my customers routinely."

-Tammy Tanoury, owner of Samuel and Tristin - Bear Creek, NC


"Sending your dog to Valerie's could be certainly was for my foster dogs, and all the people whom they continue to touch!"


"The fact that our rescue group hires Valerie repeatedly speaks volumes, I believe. And personally, I completely respect, trust, and value the services she provides--and yes, I trust her with my own dogs!"


"Thanks again for all your help. 'My dog' has been really good. He even did well with my daughter's dogs, in fact they were really more the problem now than he. He will just go to his crate occasionally, and flops on his bed lots of the time. I'm amazed! Will keep you updated."


"Having you come to our house was so good for us since we have a son who is elementary school age because he was able to retain your training better and utilize the techniques you taught us in our home environment." 


"You left us feeling confident and so pleased with your patience and your training style. I know I told you "You’re Awesome!" before you left and I have continued to refer to you as Awesome whenever I have the opportunity to share our experience with adding 'a dog' to our family and the training we needed to have for all of us to adjust to each other."


"The rescue association has left a permanent impression of gratitude for how we were supported with their efforts which included you coming to our rescue immediately to make our adoption successful. I will forever speak volumes of praise regarding your services and our entire adoptive experience.  You are the real deal when it comes to sharing your expertise that works. You left me with a feeling of wanting to adopt more dogs." 

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