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Services and Pricing

We offer a variety of solutions for problem behaviors in dogs.


Take a look at our services and pricing and decide which works best for your situation, budget, and schedule.

Private, In-Home Sessions

We come to the client's home and work with the client and their dog(s). A custom training plan is developed to meet the individual needs of each situation. Most clients will have two to three weeks of daily homework. A booklet containing written information is provided.

The first session typically takes 2 - 2.5 hours.


Additional sessions are usually an hour or less.


More than two sessions

are rarely needed.

Standard rate: $100 per hour. 


Session location must be within a 45-minute drive of Siler City, NC.




We regularly conduct workshops and seminars

on just about any dog-related topic of your

choosing. Don't know what topic to pick?

We can help you decide.

Rates: Depends on the length of time and intensity of the workshop/seminar. 


If significant mileage and/or

lodging is required it will be reflected in the cost.

Vacation Training

If your dog's issues are more than you can handle on your own, or you don't have time to do the homework given in the private session, dogs can come to stay with us. Most dogs need to stay two to three weeks to completely work through the issue(s). At the completion of the vacation training, we will return the dog home. If there wasn't a private session performed before Vacation Training there will need to be a private transition session upon return. This is needed to show owners how to handle their improved pooch.

Standard rate: $55/day.

(If the owner can't afford to leave the dog for the full training time, we will get the dog as far as we can in the time we have and instruct the owner how to finish the training upon the dog's return home.)


Phone Consultations

If a full session is not necessary or it may be a while until the private session, then a phone consultation can provide the information needed. Written documents will be emailed after the call. Most phone consultations are less than one hour.


Standard rate: $1/minute (Pay via PayPal)



Session at CCS Facility

In certain situations dogs and their humans can have sessions at our location. Most sessions here last about an hour.


Rates: $75/hour


We accept payment via cash, check, or Paypal. Please make checks payable to Canine Coaching Services LLC. Please direct Paypal payments to 919-542-4726.


Discount rates available for official rescue groups!


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