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Meet The CCS Pack!

8 dogs make up our personal pack. Dogs can learn a lot from being part of a pack in addition to what they can learn from people. This is called "pack immersion" therapy,

Tessa is a 7 year old Lab/Pitbull mix. She came to CCS originally as a client dog. Tessa is extremely friendly and very good with people and other dogs. She is often one of the first dogs we pick to come along when we go to do school programs or other demonstrations.






Toby is a 6 year old Bichon Frise/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix who weighs about 25 pounds. Toby is a wonderfully behaved dog! For the longest time, we didn't even know what his bark sounded like because he did so so seldomly. Toby is great with other dogs and is very sweet. He is the other primary dog to come along to programs and presentations.


Dewey is a 9 year old Pitbull mix who weighs about 50 pounds. He has been with us since he was about a year and a half old. Dewey is a sweet dog who loves playing with toys and riding in the car!


Marilyn is our 7 pound Chihuahua. She is about 6 years old. She came to us originally as a client and foster dog, and we decided to keep her. She is the tiniest dog in our pack and loves to romp around the yard with other small dogs (and some larger ones, too!). 

In Memory...


Raven was our 100 pound German Shepherd who served as pack alpha for most of her 14 years of life. She was such an asset to CCS that she serves as the company logo. She was a loyal and intelligent companion, and we were thankful for the many roles she served both for the business and our family. Raven crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Summer 2013.

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